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On THE FRITZ ‘Echo’ EP with Guitarist Jamie Hendrickson & Studio Engineer Josh Blake (Interview)

Asheville, N.C based funk warriors The Fritz are back with another super solid release, the soulful and spirited EP entitled Echo. Named for the studio by the same name, Echo finds the band crushing four fantastic tracks with the help of some heavy hitters. We caught up with guitarist Jamie Hendrickson and Echo Studios engineer Josh Blake to discuss the making of this brand new record.

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The Upful LIFE Podcast. episode 001 – MICHELANGELO CARUBBA of TURKUAZ

Pilot episode of The Upful Life Podcast, hosted/curated by B.Getz, a music-culture reporter and historian. We’re lucky to have our first guest TURKUAZ drummer MICHELANGELO CARUBBA for a long-form sitdown, which took place during High Sierra in NorCal back in early July. (Please excuse the stage noise bleeding over into the conversation a little bit). Mikey talks ‘KUAZ, their live album, Denny Lane and playing with heroes, his lifelong connection to Tower of Power drummer David Garibaldi. After the music nuggets, Mikey takes a turn for the serious, heartfelt, and inspiring, no-holds-barred recounting the circumstances that led to his sobriety, We spend time detailing his budding relationship with a Vermont-based singer/songwriter. The episode’s second half features a spirited segment with JA, one of the host’s lifelong friends going back to elementary school. They chop it up about all things regarding The Phish from VT in 2018.

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PREVIEW: A Dozen High-Profile Hulaween Legacy Artists Reflect On The Magic (B.Getz on L4LM)

Hulaween is site to some of the most prodigious festival performances every year—a high-end independent festival that boasts some of the most diverse and interesting bookings that run across many scenes, genres, and generations.

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