The Upful LIFE Podcast – Ep.073: MARYA STARK [singer-songwriter] + WREN LIZABETH [herbalist- The NOHM Co.]



Episode 073 proudly welcomes a pair of prolific special guests: the magnificent multi-instrumentalist, multimedia enchantress, self-confessed storyteller, bard, and muse! MARYA STARK sits down for a colorful career-spanning conversation. Chased by a second, equally-illuminating chat with WREN LIZABETH: an herbalist, permaculturist, and educator, founder of alternative holistic health/self-care collective The NOHM Co., & elixir line The MerTails.

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  • 6:00 – The Upful Update
  • 10:00 – introducing MARYA STARK
  • 13:15 – interview w/ Marya Stark [46 min]
  • 59:15 – introducing WREN LIZABETH 
  • 1:03:15 – conversation w/ Wren Lizabeth [49 min]
  • 1:48:30 – afterglow, Vibe Junkie JAM

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Marya Stark found her voice in the high desert, and marks a memory as a very young child singing herself into an ecstatic state as the embarkation point for a lifelong dalliance with sound art and music therapy. A decade-long run of critically-acclaimed records would patiently and intentionally unfurl; a career cannon punctuated by emotionally-charged, introspective songcraft, frozen time capsules illuminating her own lived experiences. Nascent explorations in soul retrieval and energetic psychology through expressive arts and ritual performance.

In September 2023, Marya Stark released her fifth solo LP, Weightless; an exquisite collection of songs soft and vulnerable, human and dreamy. She’s also 1/5 of the acapella supergroup Starling Arrow with Tina Malia, Ayla Nereo, Leah & Chloe of Rising Appalachia. When not composing music or performing onstage, Marya Stark mentors artists and women. She teaches courses in The Art of Voice, Cultivation of the Muse, and songcraft. Stark is the founder of the Temple Of The Muse, leading inner alchemy through immersive expressive arts containers and womb wisdom. She currently lives in Grass Valley, California.

Ep.073 also includes a deep dive with a dear friend, the renowned herbalist/entrepreneur Wren Lizabeth (fka Jill TrAshley), founder/owner of The NOHM Co., as well as The MerTails (elixirs as mixers), Village Witches Elixir Bar, plus much more. Based in Asheville, NC, Wren Lizabeth is a familiar fixture at music festivals all over the country and internationally. Often tending bar with The NOHM or Village Witches, as well as curating nourishing meal plans for retreats & parties, or sourcing/making herbal medicine for The MerTails elixir line. Art is her first love, as such the plate and the cup are her canvas. Wren believes our food is our medicine.

Wren is passionate and motivated to educate about decentralizing and divesting our dependence on modern day supply and demand cycles and trends. Her work is often focused on rooting them back into local bioregions with her own hands, and creating/nurturing collaborators in such spaces. Wherever Wren goes (including our hangs and this podcast) she sparks profound conversations about conscious consumption, with a goal to expose the accessibilities we have to better facilitate living in sync with our natural surroundings, one bite or sip at a time.

Vibe Junkie JAM

“God Morning” – Ra-Be 333 feat. Marya Stark


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