Upful LIFE is a vanguard for what’s next and salutation to what’s classic. Upful LIFE editorial celebrates the soundtrack and lifestyles that define who we are, cross-pollinating genres, cliques and demographics betwixt informed opinion. Upful LIFE seeks not to be the final word, but rather an initiator of on-going progression.

*The Upful LIFE Podcast*  – Music journalist B.Getz invites guests from across the spectrum to explore the inner sanctums of music and festival cultures. The focus of this episodic podcast leans toward inspiration and human resilience, with high brow conversations from a variety of participants. The host has been covering underground music and festivals for nearly twenty years for Live for Live Music, Everfest, JamBase, upful LIFE, Herb An’ Music, and more.


Upful LIFE itself is an open-access e-periodical and archive; a platform for interdisciplinary scholarship on the kaleidoscopic terrain of music cultures worldwide.

Launched on the principles that:

• What is occurring underneath the shell and beyond the range of conventional music media outlets shall be embraced, celebrated and passed along in filial tradition

• Simultaneously, our content will focus on music in historical and contemporary perspectives; sonic antiquities and social advancements laid down by the forefathers of dope evolutionary music over the last half-century;

• To provide a culture magazine that primarily focuses on music with the objective of allowing readers to identify with forms of holistic, genuine self-expression through the Arts.

• To do so with passion, respect, righteousness, integrity and excitement…and have a little fun while we’re at it!

Upful LIFE is a web magazine of B.Getz features, promos, and more. A place where you’ll find extensive content reporting the breadth of our culture—from daily social media updates, The Upful LIFE Podcast, exclusive feature spreads & interviews, photo-journals, live event coverage, to videos,  and mixtapes.