The Upful LIFE Podcast Ep.048: SCOTTY B (JamBase/YEMblog) & JASON ABRAMS (Rock n’ Wrestling Connection) TALKIN THE PHISH FROM VT: Summer Tour 2021

For Episode 048, we flip the script a lil’ bit. Finally, a podcast about The PHlSH from VT! Instead of one long form interview, for this two-hour hoo-ride I invited a pair of venerable Phishtorians to the show for twin conversations and complimentary commentary, as we discuss the band’s impressive, triumphant return to the stage in summer 2021.

  • Scotty B of JamBase/YEMblog – intro- 11:30, interview- 12:45
  • PSA – toxic masculinity & predatory behaviors in the Phish scene 51:00
  • B.Getz on The Phish from VT in AC – 58:00
  • Jason Abrams intro- 66:00, J.A. interview- 69:00
  • Kevin Cassels on his brother Phil’s suicide & Smashing Pumpkins “Rhinoceros” at Deer Creek ’98 – 123:00

First up is the man with his desk flipped upside down, the dude who conceived/created “The Skinny”. Legend of the scene Scott Bernstein aka Scotty B, Editorial Director at, the cool cat behind the wildly-popular YEMblog & it’s unicorn Twitter handle. Scotty B has been loving the band for nearly 30 years, is an accomplished journalist and treasured voice in the jam community, and his unique perspective was precisely why I asked him to join me for a chat. For this half-hour dialogue, Scott delivers some really thought-provoking contributions, on the magic in the music & beyond. Follow Scotty B at @YEMblog and @heyscottyb.

Between interviews, a few personal words from an anonymous phan are sure raise an eyebrow, and your ire. But this message and missive are urgent, necessary and sadly long overdue; as such I felt called to amplify her.

Yours truly reads an essay from my own heart ,before we behold the return of J.A.! aka Jason Abrams of Rock & Wrestling Connection podcast. In addition to being a passionate phanner goin on a quarter century, Jason is a pop music historian, pro-wrasslin’ almanac, and rock n’roll lifer. He touches on tour stops in Hershey PA & Atlantic City, then J.A. gets into his recent experiences catching Guns n’ Roses. He draws some illuminating parallels and makes salient points on both bands. I love chopping it up with the one & only J.A.! Follow Rock n’ Wrestling Connection Pod on Tik Tok- @rockandwrestlingpod and Twitter – @rockndwrestling


Vibe Junkie JAM:

We finish up Ep.048 on a somber, beautiful note: revisiting former Pharmer’s Almanac editor Kevin Cassels’ entry from August 1998, where he unspools the traumatic tale of his brother’s suicide, explains the genesis and meaning behind the Smashing Pumpkins “Rhinoceros” cover from Deer Creek that year.  I am dedicating this to my dear friend & dearly departed Benny Dread, who took his own life in similar fashion a few months ago.

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