The Upful LIFE Podcast – Ep. 045: JAKE ROCKATANSKY (QAA pod, conspiracy researcher, sci-fi writer, Weezer stan)

Welcome JAKE ROCKATANSKY, co-founder/co-host of Q*non Anonymous podcast to Episode 045. For 3 years, Jake & his cohorts at QAA have been investigating and unraveling the Q phenomenon, and all the various conspiracy threads that fit under the big Q tent. We’d never be able to button up the whole Q conspiracy kit n’ caboodle in merely one pod ep! Instead, we take a lengthy, illuminating trek into the world of @RealRockatansky, rewind Jake’s path to the podcast, explore the annals of Q-research and the QAA origin story, with our main man J-Rock at the helm.

  • We talmbout Q?/ Introducing JAKE ROCKATANSKY @5:00
  • INTERVIEW w/Jake Rockatansky @15:30 


Along with erstwhile collaborators Julien Field and Travis View, in QAA Jake is part of an incredible organic podcast success story. Since 2018, the trio has established their program as the preeminent place to go for a skeptical, empathetic take on this madness, and a humane look into this worldwide conspiracy scourge. These guys are globally respected, often times a reporter’s first call when trying to nail down a Q or Q-adjacent story. Nobody has been as unwaveringly focused on the Q beat quite like the QAA dudes & their intrepid correspondents Annie & Liv. They’re still truckin’ along well into 2021, to the tune of 2 podcasts and 2 Twitch broadcasts every week, with a sizable, dedicated Patreon community that’s steadily growing.

In this interview, Jake takes us thru his experiences combating Q, facing down horrific anti-Semitism, satanic panic, going under cover at Q events, interacting with Anons & influencers, and graciously gives us the QAA origin story. J-Rock reveals a beautifully human vulnerability that we’ve come to know thru his contributions to the pod. He unveils his process, fears, hope, and huge, swollen heart. We get a bit about his childhood in the Chicago burbs, his decamping to SoCal at 18, longtime musical faves like Weezer or Dipset, and latest raves like Beach Bunny and Denzel Curry.

In between the beats and the laughs, we get pretty serious too, with regard to Q’s human toll, and how we can best stay connected with those we care for that may have lost the plot or themselves amid the Qrazy. So grateful for how generous Jake was, with his time and energy, and that he showed up in this convo in all the ways that have endeared him to thousands of listeners around the world.

Jake Rockatansky is a total mensch.  Follow him at @RealRockatansky on Twitter. Check out Q*non Anonymous on all pod platforms and at

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All that jazz plus an absolutely homicidal freestyle sesh from Black Thought of The Roots, dug up from deep in the archives, 2010 Tony Touch radio show on Shade45. Over a cache of unreleased Dilla heaters, on the 4th anniversary of his passing no less, Riq is completely unhinged, spitting an endless barrage of bars that will have your head spinnin, then noddin, and eventually ringin’. Nobody can f*ck w Riq Gz on the microphone, not then, not now, not ever.

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