A Diary in Totality: The Best of the Blessed- Oregon Eclipse 2017 (L4LM)

Global Eclipse Gathering made good on its promise of a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, serving as a tribal alliance of visionary festivals from across our wondrous planet. From August 17th through 23rd, on the majestic Big Summit Prairie in Ochoco National Forest (near Bend, OR) a dozen renowned international music and art festivals congregated to take in a total solar eclipse en masse. California’s Symbiosis Gathering spearheaded this conglomerate of collaborators, with eleven other tremendous international festivals(including Canada’s Bass Coast, Costa Rica’s Envision Festival, SoCal’s Lightning in a Bottle, among others) joining together for what could be termed the finest curation of progressive, psychedelic art and music to ever hit the shores of North America.

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