GOOPSTEPPA Shares Mystical Sunrise Set from Oregon Eclipse

August’s gigantic Oregon Eclipse 2107 was an ambitious, fulfilling, once-in-a-lifetime endeavor, captained by Symbiosis Gathering and enlisting a dozen transformational festivals from around the world. Salt Spring Island, BC low-end shaman GOOPSTEPPA  was transmitting live and direct all over this Global Eclipse Gathering, and could be found playing sets on  four different stages, ranging from the mystical Furtherrr encampment, to the Village Witches Elixir Bar, to the Guayaki Yerba Mate tent, and on the final morning, a sunrise set at the majestic, sprawling Earth Stage.

Earth Stage at dawn.

Goopsteppa’s last appearance at Oregon Eclipse, like so many of his mesmerizing performances, could be described as a wandering, wondering journey, an expedition deep into the annals of consciousness, through our physical bodies and metaphysical presence, and continuing to burrow into the depths of the soul. As one of his fans told me many moons ago, the body just moves differently to Goop music. Nobody sounds like Goop, his sonic footprint is patented and easily discernible, when one hears his art, they know it’s him.  

On this Wednesday morning, taking the decks on the Earth Stage after his hometown homie aTYya had serenaded the assembly, Goop then blessed up the teeming massive type-proper, forwarding his own classic tracks, choice remixes, and blended selections from his brand new album Through the Dark.  Today, Alex was benevolent enough to release this instant classic from Oregon Eclipse 2017, and upful LIFE is honored to be delivering these juicy meds to the people.