The Standout Musical Performances of Global Eclipse Gathering- B.Getz on Fest300/EVERFEST

Last week in Central Oregon, a dozen celebrated international music and art festivalscongregated on the majestic Big Summit Prairie for a week in order to take in the total solar eclipse as one tribe. This event brought together the finest in progressive festival culture for a transformative week focused on community, education, live-art installations, workshops, and prodigious musical programming.

Boasting seven main music stages, along with countless smaller, quirkier venues dotting the sprawling prairie landscape, Global Eclipse Gathering unleashed an astonishing assortment of musical offerings that went around the clock. No human being could take in even a fifth of what was available, but nonetheless, we did our damndest. Here’s merely a smattering of the highest art we heard at Global Eclipse Gathering 2017.

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