*The Upful LIFE Podcast* Episode 022: SMASHELTOOTH (West Coast DJ/Producer)

Episode 022 of *The Upful Life Podcast* w/s/g Smasheltooth is live and direkt! This celebrated, colorful, & outspoken West Coast selectah looks back on a decade in the DJ game, but of course we dig deeper into myriad topics. Ever since I first came upon her at the Haven in Nevada City, CA opening for Mad Zach in 2016, I’ve been intrigued by this dynamic persona. Began following her on social media and over the past few years, have become a big fan of her DJ sets and out-sized personality.

Smash was in the Bay Area for a benefit concert for my dear friend Greg who’d lost his leg in a tragic hit & run on his motorbike. We linked up in an Oakland warehouse recording studio for a lengthy, spirited, and emotional powwow. As she reminds us throughout our chat, everyone has a story. And rest assured, hers is one worth telling.


Ashley leaves nary a stone un-turned as she reflects on her fairy-tale marriage to The Pirate & reveals quite a bit about how motherhood has reshaped her life and worldview. From there she ruminates on the circle of life & death – with regard to the Ghost Ship tragedy, and giving birth to her son Johnny Ryder in the immediate aftermath of that deadly fire. Smash invites us into what it’s like being a confident female in a male-dominated industry, details her overcoming sexual and emotional trauma thru pornography and Trap music, pontificates on the allure of pussy-power, the carnage from substance abuse, and beyond.

We discuss the omnipresence of the Grateful Dead, finding one’s self within festival culture, curating an original vibe on the dancefloor, empowering women on the dancefloor, a deep dive on the late, great Bay Area hip-hop icon Mac Dre, and more DJ-related content. Towards the end of this 90-minute interview, I pose a rather serious and emotional question to Ashley: is she conflicted supporting LGBT & lionizing Sizzla Kalonji? The supernaturally-gifted yet uber-controversial Yardie legend who’s militant Rasta intolerance of homosexuality is a divisive topic among fans. This particular segment is a good talk.

All in all, a riveting dialogue beginning to end, with the one and only Smasheltooth Tiger!



Real talk, this is among the best interviews I’ve ever conducted. Ashley was a natural and we went places in the dialogue that quite frankly I never imagined . When it was over, I was HIGH off the conversation. On the way home, I actually had to pull over, get out of the car and walk it off for a few mins. THANK YOU MADAME SMASH!!

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