The Upful LIFE Podcast- Ep.055: The Return of WEEDIE BRAIMAH (djembefola, Hands of Time, Nth Power, Trombone Shorty, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah)


Welcome back the great Weedie Braimah to Ep.055!  An educational, inspirational, international deep dive with a man who is sworn to the drum. Topics include: recent trip to the continent, Ghanaian heritage, reflections on ‘East St. Africa’, the concept, players, intention and evolution of his band The Hands of Time’, their GRAMMY-nominated self-titled album on Stretch/Ropeadope, his parents/ancestral lineage as a drummer and teacher, the intergenerational connection between Baba Olatunji/Grateful Dead in the 1980’s and what Weedie & Co are doing today, and more! Ruminations on his collabs with The Nth Power, Trombone Shorty, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, Oteil Burbridge and others. This is a profound conversation that stretches nearly two hours, and I really had to run the whole thing in full because not a Weedie word is to be missed. Proud of this one, fam. Buckle up !

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“Walk on Water” – The Nth Power, AURA Studios 2014


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Weedie Braimah is a djembefola—a master of the djembe, a West African drum with a hollow wood body and an animal skin stretched and fastened over the top, the origins of which date back to the 12th Century. Braimah, who was born in Ghana and raised in East St. Louis, is the product of a family whose musical history goes back centuries. His father, Oscar Sulley Braimah, was a master drummer and composer whose Uhuru Dance Band made remarkable records that bridged the gap between jazz and traditional African music. Braimah’s mother, Ann Morris was a gifted jazz drummer, and his great-uncle Idris Muhammad played with everyone from Grant Green and Horace Silver to Pharoah Sanders and Roberta Flack, while also leading his own ensembles. Braimah has been making music with The Nth Power, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Ave,

Braimah’s latest album The Hands Of Time puts the interconnectedness of African diasporic music into practice. Featuring a variety of collaborators from around the world,  he & his eclectic band infuse jazz with hip-hop and funk, while the sound of the djembe and the spirit of West Africa gives these modern styles a timeless pulse.




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