The Upful LIFE Podcast Ep.061 with LEAH SONG of RISING APPALACHIA

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Live & direct from the Park City Song Summit with the sensational LEAH SONG ! An 80+ minute deep dive with one-half of the siren sisters Rising Appalachia. Explore the passions, pathways and pillars that built the bedrock of their unicorn sound. Unspooling Rising App fifteen years in: ambitious activism, adventurous travels, treasured traditions, and a kaleidoscopic career. Musicology and cultural anthropology. Community, collaboration, catharsis. This is powerful podcasting.

  • 2:30 – The Mertails / The NOHM Co
  • 6:00 – The Upful Update
  • 10:00 introducing LEAH SONG x dedication
  • 18:00 Conversation w/ LEAH (81 min) 
  • 1:40:00 – reflections / Vibe Junkie Jamz

Leah Song takes us back to the early days in the filthy dirty South. Coming of age with one foot in fiddle camps with Mama Appalachia, and the other kickin’ Dungeon Family rhymes in the high school cafeteria. Leah’s version of the heroine’s journey, and the sisters’ half-decade long Crescent City swoon. Coming full circle to the French Quarter for a live LP from the prestigious Preservation Hall. We unpack the improv-heavy, surprise 2020 album The Lost Mystique of Being in the Know and get a window into it’s ethereal masterpiece “Silver”.

Leah Song loves long and hard on her sister and their ever-loyal squad: essential contributions like Chloe’s magnum opus “Resilient”. The unique skillsets of multi-instrumentalists David Brown, Biko Casini, Duncan Wickel, Arouna Diarra, plus longtime Bayou collaborators Aurora Nealand, and Brandon Lewis. Get hip to brand-new girl-band Starling Arrow, a celestial acapella quintet featuring Leah, Chloe, Tina Malia, Marya Stark, and Ayla Nereo.

Rising Appalachia has always been proudlly – and defiantly- an activist band. Leah discusses retreating from front line justice work, she ruminates on softening the storytelling with regard to protest music in a post-pandemic landscape. With her band hitting the road again, dealing hopeful global soul in search of community and spreading catharsis, the veteran songwriter reflects on the effects of the epic pause.

One of the more profound programs this podcast has produced, a proud day, from Atlanta G-A all the way to the East Bay. Big Up Leah Song and Rising Appalachia.

Give Thanks! Yes, indeedy.

Vibe Junkie JAMZ

“Downtown” – Soul Visions

Rising Appalachia/The Human Experience

“Novels of Acquaintance”

Rising Appalachia – live in Switzerland, 

14 Sept 2018


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