The Upful LIFE Podcast Ep.047: THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE- David Block (Gone Gone Beyond)

Welcome THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE- DAVID BLOCK (solo electronic producer + Gone Gone Beyond) to Episode 047! A dancefloor General, prince of the piano, soundtrack to the squish, or conductor around the campfire, David wears myriad musical and intellectual hats. He’s been a celebrated artist across various mediums for over a dozen years, with considerable contributions to the West Coast festival/Burning Man/live music communities. Block’s international future-folk quartet Gone Gone Beyond recently released their stunning third full-length LP 2030 to rave reviews from rabid fans, and a chorus of critical acclaim.

@ 9:00  introducing The Human Experience/David Block/Gone Gone Beyond

@ 14:00 Dennis Cook pontificates on GGB’s new LP ‘2030’ 

@ 19:00 – Interview w/The Human Experience – David Block

David checks in via Zoom from Topanga Canyon in SoCal, and we immediately dig into GGB’s astounding new record in all it’s glistening glory. From the humble beginnings on tour in 2019, to a multi-hued masterpiece that arrived in June 2021, we get the scoop on David Block, Danny Musengo, Kat Factor and Mel Seme’s cosmic convergence and eventual coalescence, the magic of 2030, the individual DNA within GGB, and their collective artistic evolution. No longer just a side-piece for The Human Experience, Block discusses the ego death in removing his nom de plume from Gone Gone Beyond, and the passion project leaving the proverbial nest.

The Human Experience is well known for his uplifting, prolific collaborations with female singers and instrumentalists, as women’s features dot the majority of his dozen-plus album releases. None more popular nor treasured than the cerebral sorcery found on Soul Visions, featuring Rising Appalachia‘s original music as well as traditionals from the Deep South. Block hops in the wayback machine over a decade ago, takes us around the world and on festival tour as he retraces the origin story of first connecting with Chloe Smith & Leah Song and how this seminal classic came to a fateful, ultimately fantastic fruition.

Towards the end of this spirited discussion on all things The Human Experience, I decided to shift the tenor to a couple of more serious topics. Being that David is a progressive thinker, a people person, a beloved, respected member of the Black Rock City community and it’s voluminous, kaleidoscopic diaspora, I asked him to weigh in on the state of our proverbial union, straight no chaser. Occasionally the cynic yet, ever the sage, my man does not duck for cover nor mince words as he waxes philosophic on where do we go from here.

All that jazz (in ya bones!) plus way more juicy, sexy remix mojo than you can shave into the side of your head… on a touching, thought-provoking, thrilling, and emotionally-rewarding Episode 047 of The Upful LIFE Podcast with very special guest The Human Experience- David Block.

May be an image of 2 people, including David Block and people smiling


Vibe Junkie JAMZ 

“Dusted Compass” (original)

The Human Experience feat. Lila Rose (2012)


“Mississippi” Soul Visions

(T.H.E. feat. Rising Appalachia-2013)


“Under Siege” Gone Gone Beyond feat. Kalibri – 2016


“Canyons” & “Gravity” (live & acoustic)

Gone Gone Beyond – 2021


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