The Upful LIFE Podcast – ep.063: DAVID MANHEIN of DOPEY PODCAST [dark comedy on drugs-addiction-recovery]


Season’s Greetings n’ Upful vibrations! Please welcome back to the show Dave from Dopey Podcast – now going by his gov’t: David Manheim. After 5 years of my dedicated listening/contributing to Dopey, plus his epic, record-holding May 2020 appearance on Upful Life ep.033, and much correspondence between us in the interim, the man they call “Dopey Dave” and yours truly finally met in person, live n’ direct at Park City Song Summit in Utah, Sept.2022. A cosmic convergence in stunningly beautiful environs where we were both there in our respective official capacities: as podcast hosts and journalists. We dropped in pretty deep on the last evening of the 4-day event. The revealing – at times intensely-personal – conversation was recorded from the cozy confines of my palatial suite at a high-falutin’ ski lodge I really had no business staying.


  • 2:30- Upful Update: Give Thanks n’ Gratitude in 2022
  • 10:30 – Introducing DAVID MANHEIM of Dopey Podcast, + a personal message why I feel called to produce programming on wellness/addiction/recovery.
  • 22:00 – INTERVIEW w/ DOPEY DAVE (100min)
  • 2:03:30 – Reflections on Dave + Vibe Junkie JAM

Dopey Podcast is a unicorn program – a dark comedy on drug addiction and recovery, plus all the dumb sh*t that happens in between. (check out the profile on This American Life). In addition to holding down 2 full-time jobs (executive for Katz’s Deli in NYC, father to two young daughters) – plus numerous losses and unfathomable grief – Dave has not missed a Friday night episode since he started the show with his late friend Chris over six years ago. Dopey recently celebrated it’s 8 MILLIONTH DOWNLOAD, and has a legion of fiercely-loyal, dedicated listeners around the world, known colloquially as the Dopey Nation..

On Upful Life ep.033 in May 2020, for nearly 2 hours Dave meticulously and painstaking recounted his journey through heroin addiction of nearly 2 decades. We covered the nascent beginnings of Dopey pod, his relationship with Chris and his friend(s) sudden death, the tragedy and resurgence of Dopey in the wake of their passings, losing his family due to his addictions – then reuniting with them thru sobriety, and a whole lot more. (It’s somewhat essential listening before tapping into ep.063, a  reconvergence 30 months on down the number line.)

For Episode 063, we pick up where things left off, digging into the evolution of Dopey, embracing the transition to David Manheim, the legitimization of Dopey Podcast into professional wellness/recovery spaces, the concept of survivor’s guilt, why Dave is a habitual line-stepper, and beyond.

After unpacking his magical interview with Carolyn ‘Mountain Girl’ Garcia, former wife of the late Jerry Garcia, we hear about his relationship with Seth Ferranti, renowned chronicler of outlaw/drug/psychedelic cultures. As we delve deeper beneath the surface, Dave and I chop it up on some real sh*t: more polarizing topics/Dopey guests like “Fentanyl Jay” and divisive shock-rapper Tom MacDonald. From there, things get a bit serious – and personal. The dialogue detours into family politics and our divergent approaches to conversations on the culture wars. Fret not, as friends we certainly course-correct for a properly warm n’ fuzzy landing.


Thanks to David Manheim of Dopey Podcast for always bringing the Upful vibes! Shoutout to the Dopey Nation – WE SEE YOU!! If any Upful LIFE listeners would like to know more about the Dopey podcast, Dopey Nation, Dopey Zoom meetings, or link w/ Dave, send me an email or DM! Happy to connect, been doin’ it for YEARS!


Vibe Junkie JAM 

“Mouthful of Cavaties” – Blind Melon

LOUD: A Mac Miller Experience. bass/dubtribute mixtape by Lavier

Lab Group v.2 – Long Live the King (CharlestheFirst tribute curated by FAVREAU)



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