PREMIERE: West Coast Bass Maestro MORiLLO Unveils Thumping New Single, “Booty” (B.Getz on L4LM)

White-hot on the heels of fiery sets at Burning Man 2019, bass-music conjurer MORiLLO returns to the scene with the thumping “Booty”, the torrid first track from his long-awaited full-length LP, Colibri, due out on October 18th via Gravitas Recordings.

A cannon blast of bombastic bass juxtaposed with juicy minimalist instrumentation, “Booty” is a surefire club-banger, goes ham in the whip, and is tailor-made playa-perfection. Tick-tock woodblocks give way to an astral buildup, the lascivious dynamics breathe deeply, and the spaces between unveil nuanced percussion, synths and sublime sitar steadily percolating throughout. “Booty” finds MORiLLO brewing his ethereal gumbo to a salacious boil.

After logging several years trotting the globe while drumming with renowned R&B band RhyeZach Morillo set a personal intention to pull back from so much touring and put more effort and energy into his solo electronic endeavors. In January 2019, MORiLLO retreated to the spiritualized environs of Urubamba, nestled in the Sacred Valley in Peru. Inspired by the majestic surrounds, he set about creating an original song per day. The erstwhile producer spent time exploring the wonders of nature and frolicking with animals from Cuzco to Machu Picchu to the hilltop Incan citadel and beyond. This month-long musical vision quest gave birth to a new record, Colibri; “Booty” is our first taste of this new era of MORiLLO magic.

Listen to the Live For Live Music premiere of “Booty” below or stream it on the platform of your choice here.

MORiLLO –  “Booty” [Premiere]

MORiLLO is also a tremendously skilled drummer, often touring with reggae phenoms Groundation. The Miami-bred/LA-based producer approaches the electronic arts with the modus operandi of a virtuoso musician. Over time, he’s developed a trademark production style, his sound rich in thunderous bass and bubbling with sensuality. A sorcerer of sultry, MORiLLO makes his presence felt in no uncertain terms on this libidinous opening salvo, “Booty” no doubt a harbinger of heat to come.

words: B.Getz