A Musical Guide to Global Eclipse Gathering’s 7 Stages- B.Getz on Fest300/Everfest

Global Eclipse Gathering is a once in a lifetime cosmic celebration, a symbiotic tribal alliance of festival cultures across our planet. From August 17-23, 2017, a dozen renowned international music and art festivals will congregate in Antelope, Oregon to take in a total solar eclipse en masse. Hosted on the majestic Big Summit Prairie in Ochoco National Forest which sprawls over 55,000 acres and includes Crater Lake, this event will bring together the finest in progressive festival culture for a transformative weekend focused on community, education, live-art installations, workshops, and prodigious musical programming that is beyond description – though in this article we shall try.

Following the fearless leadership of California’s Symbiosis Gathering in collaboration with 11 other excellent international festivals, revelers of all stripes will enjoy the finest curation of progressive and psychedelic musical performances North America has ever seen. Imagine floating above the clouds in a hot air balloon, steering over time-traveling art boats cruising the lush lake environs, surrounded by a forest of illumination and sublime rolling hills.

In nothing short of a triumph in both booking and bluster, Eclipse has announced a whopping seven music stages, each meant to create a unique atmosphere, theme, and vision. The Moon, Earth, Sun, Sky, Silk Road, Big Top, and Eclipse Stages will unleash their variegated genius with a mind-boggling assortment of musical offerings. Each of the seven standalone stages covers a wide swath of electronic genres such as house, techno, bass, funk, psy-trance, as well as performances from many leading purveyors of progressive, psychedelic, globally-generated live instrumentation.

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