The Upful LIFE Podcast – Ep.072: ALEX WASILY [Dumpstaphunk, Francis Comes Alive, very good trombonist]

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Welcome Alex Wasily to Ep.072 of *The Upful LIFE Podcast*! #VeryGood trombonist with NOLA institution Dumpstaphunk since 2016; musical director of Francis Comes Alive, Neal Francis new 11-piece big band experience and concert film. Teacher and student, the crew cheerleader and a masterclass mentor, plus expert mixologist and host with the most. Alex was kind enough to bring his huge personality, beautiful journey, and insightful perspectives to the show for a lengthy conversation.

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  • 5:30 – The Upful Update
  • 11:00 – introducing ALEX WASILY 
  • 13:15 – INTERVIEW w/ Alex [103 min]
  • 1:56:00 – afterglow, Vibe Junkie JAM

With a passion for life, art, the hang, and the pursuit of unity through music, alex wasily has made a standout approach to music that can be attributed to his unique unyielding optimism and positive outlook on what most would consider a wild way to live. He goes by many names. a-waz. waz. my dawg. ya boy. the forever hang. Egyptian born, American raised, all soul, and all hang. alex was born in alexandria, egypt and raised in savannah, georgia. performing music is alex’s way of taking you out of what may have been a depressing day and into what might be the wildest night of your life.

Alex regularly performs and tours the world with Dumpstaphunk and is Neal Francis’ music director when the 11-piece goes on the road. he also throws the funkiest party in Los Angeles every monday at Gold-Diggers at his series simply called Very Good Mondays™.


Vibe Junkie JAM

“Hard to Face the Music” – Idris Muhummad [1976]

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Alex Wasily trombone masterclass


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