The Upful LIFE Podcast – ep.057: RON JOHNSON on the Bass [Samantha Fish, Gregg Allman, Warren Haynes, Anders Osbourne, ex-KDTU]


RON JOHNSON on the bass. Ron Johnson on the BASS! Currently holding down the low-end with red-hot guitar phenom Samantha Fish. Ron worked extensively with Gregg Allman at the end of his life, developing a profound friendship in Gregg’s final act. Ron toured hard with Warren Haynes Band, has collaborated with Anders Osborne. Chris Cain, Nigel Hall, and dozens of others. Ron was the longtime sturdy anchor for Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, during what I firmly believe to be their mightiest era, 2000-2006.

  • 3:15 – PSA from your humble narrator
  • 4:20 – Derrick Freeman & Smoker’s World “HoTel” + BG catches Covid during Jazz Fest
  • 10:00 – Introducing RON JOHNSON on the Bass!
  • 19:00 – RON JOHNSON INTERVIEW  (85 mins)

A few weeks back, Ron was traveling through NorCal, and we finally connected for a proper chat, all about his musical journey and more. It was long overdue, & nothing short of an absolute joy! Ron grew up in SoCal, came of age in NorCal, I met him 20 years ago when he was living in Brooklyn. Now he’s got about a decade in NOLA. We had a LOT of ground to cover!

Please welcome to Ep.057 of *The Upful LIFE Podcast* the very first musician to pull back the curtain for yours truly, my first friend in the game.  Fantastic bass player, gem of a human, open book. Ron Johnson LIVE & DIREKT from the Vibe Junkie Studios -aka- my back deck in Oakland.


Vibe Junkie JAMZ

KDTU – “New Tune” – Late Night Bonnaroo, June 2002

GREGG ALLMAN – “Whipping Post” – Wanee Festival April 2016

NIGEL HALL BAND- “God Bless the Absentee” (Paul Simon) Sullivan Hall, NYC 1/27/13



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