The Upful LIFE Podcast – Ep.058: NATE EDGAR [bass- The Nth Power, ex-John Brown’s Body]

Welcome virtuosic bassist NATE EDGAR of THE NTH POWER to Ep.058! Nate is a helluva player, and he takes us inside his process, influences, mindset, and intentions as a bassist, band member, brother, and low-end medicine man. Heaping slabs of musicology with a healthy serving of humanity. Nate Dawg doesn’t do very many interviews – certainly not lengthy, super-personal purges – so this ep is a real treat, and an emotional sledgehammer. A gentleman, scholar, subsonic sorcerer, and servant of the song,  Buckle up fam, we’re goin IN! Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Nate Edgar.

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  • 5:00 – Upful Update
  • 10:00 – Introducing NATE EDGAR
  • 16:00 – Interview – NATE DAWG

We hop in the wayback machine to discuss Nate’s roots in New Hampshire, from nascent backpack rap steez to a teenager runnin’ away on Dead tour, playing in newgrass bands or working as a garbage man. Boston/Wally’s/NE jam scene back in the day, learning tuba to get into college, and other random historical minutiae. In a touching, insightful segment, Nate takes us through his experience working with pioneering American reggae band John Brown’s Body, and expounds on the legacy of his dear friend, JBB bassist, the late Scott Palmer.

Naturally, we dig DEEP on all things The Nth Power, past, present and future. Ruminations on his bandmates as family, the core trio perservering through adversity, the inherent spirituality in their music. Plus reflections on collaborating with Weedie Braimah, Nigel Hall, Rob Marscher, and the friendship, mentorship, kindness and unbelievable talent of the late, great Kofi Burbridge. We unpack Nth’s unparalleled tribute mojo: from Earth, Wind & Power to Bob Marley to Steely Dan, High Sierra’s Gospel According to Nth, and a little teaser for Cool Cool Cool just around the bend at Brooklyn Comes Alive.

MY MAN NATE. Came thru and came CORRECT! The Nth Power really does LOVE us.


Vibe Junkie JAM

“Terrapin Station” – The Nth Power Ball

Suwannee Rising 4.9.22



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