The Upful LIFE Podcast Ep.037: KARL DENSON (Greyboy Allstars, KDTU, Rolling Stones, ex-Lenny Kravitz)

Welcome the iconic KARL DENSON to Episode 037! What an honor and a privilege to host this legendary musician to the show. Co-founder of The Greyboy Allstars, bossman/bandleader of Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, touring member of the Rolling Stones, and longtime (former) sideman/personal pal to the coolest motherfucker on the planet, Lenny Kravitz. A virtuoso saxophonist/flutist, and prolific singer/songwriter taboot, Karl D is among the hardest workin cats in show business, and has been so for the longest time. The man affectionately called “Diesel” generously availed himself for a thorough, hour-plus powwow on a plethora of salient topics.

KARL D: Intro at 11min, Interview at 17min


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Karl Denson hops in the wayback machine for a colorful ride down memory boulevard, across the various lanes of his illustrious career. KD touches on the early days, from his solo jazz debut album to the worldwide jaunts with Lenny Kravitz, and the birth of the Greyboy Allstars. Get the scoop on the connection with DJ Greyboy, GBA’s surprise rise to underground stardom, and landmark record ‘West Coast Boogaloo’. We also get into a little about the band’s most recent release ‘Como de Allstars’.


Karl breaks down his initial intention & visions for KDTU, as we reminisce on the glory days of that band, as well as their most recent release ‘Gnomes & Badgers’. Denson tells a few stories about Lenny, plus takes us through joining the Stones, & how it felt to first take it to the stage with Mick, Keef & co.

Denson gets deep into tougher, more personal & political topics of the day. From the current administration, cultural climate, his relationship with Christianity, parenthood, racism, and how all of that informs his worldview & musical endeavors. Buckle up for some real talk from the Diesel, straight no chaser!

We wrap things up with some Sexual Chocolate hilarity from Coming 2 America, & Denson drops dimes about the forthcoming motion picture sequel too! Deep bow of gratitude to the one & only Karl Denson for the time & the energy.




Life stories, love’s glories.

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“Always on the Run” Lenny Kravitz LIVE from Rotterdam 1991

“Once You’re There” Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe 2005 FM Broadcast WDET

“Ruffneck Jazz” DJ Greyboy ‘Freestylin’’ 1993



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