PREMIERE: Listen to SEEDS? Inspired New Single “Love Will Lead the Way”

Alabama’s intergalactic funk-hop squad SEEDS? are back in action with an inspiring new single “Love Will Lead the Way”, released November 11th, 2021.

This fresh slab of SEEDS? was conceived and created during the confounding, divisive pandemic times. As such, the group steers slightly away from the psychedelic space-travel and pimped-out comic book vibes of their earlier material to deliver a uplifting, resonant message that will hit you straight in the feels.

“Love Will Lead the Way” maintains the sonic DNA we’ve come to expect from SEEDS?, bass-heavy funk grooves, saucy, minimalist hip-hop beats, and mothership-style synth escapades. This track unveils a half-spoken/half-rapped vocal from Proper that marries Lou Reed’s disaffected drone to an early-era Southern rap drawl. All SEEDS? elements still get funkdafied and filtered through the raw, DIY production aesthetic that’s consistent throughout their recordings over the years.

The band had this to say about the new track:

“Love is Gonna Lead the Way” and is essentially a call to action for the masses to do just that, let Love lead the way. Along with letting Love lead the way, this song is also meant to inspire the listener to let their vision be their muse and don’t ever let anyone say it can’t be done. Even if you are walking the path to that vision alone, stay true to yourself and the rest will fall into place exactly as it should.” (c) SEEDS?

“Love is Gonna Lead the Way” is a standalone SEEDS? single release, but also acts as a somewhat of a prelude to a new EP on the way in a couple of months, and the band has a slew of other jams cookin’ in the pipeline.

You can stream or download “Love is Gonna Lead the Way” on your digital platform of choice HERE

SEEDS? is:

Proper (Production, Guitar, Vocals)
Nickel Plated Gold (Hype Man)
LandLord Dan (Trumpet)
Breezy (MC)
D. Ray Honey (Bass)
Seantanamo Bay (Drums)

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