The Upful LIFE Podcast – Ep.030 : JAMES CASEY (T.A.B.), SHIRA ELIAS (Turkuaz), DJ Richie G, the Return of J.A. – ISOLATION STATION v.2

The Upful LIFE Podcast – Episode 030 : Isolation Station v.2 welcomes JAMES CASEY (Trey Anastasio Band), SHIRA ELIAS (Turkuaz) to the show for fascinating conversations. In light of the current situation at hand, this podcast has transitioned to focus on what we are living through, both collectively and in quarantine. These are our stories. In addition, we also hear from a beloved member of the music community DJ Richie G, plus the long awaited return of J.A. To lift spirits, the pod wraps up with a magical personal reflection from the host.

RIP Ellis Marsalis, Bill Withers, John Prine


DJ Richie G intro at 6:00



Leading things off is DJ Richie G, a Lettuce superfan and longtime member of the jam/funk music community. He’s also a multi-genre DJ in his spare time. Richie Grossman has already contracted, battled and recovered from the corona virus, so we check in with him to hear his story, the gory details and inspiring recovery. Plus Richie’s efforts livestreaming DJ sets to bring peeps together to celebrate birthdays virtually, & raise money for PPE masks for healthcare workers.

JAMES CASEY intro starts at 30mins


Then we touch base with JAMES CASEY of TREY ANASTASIO BAND, who checks-in from Hawaii, where he’s been quarantined for several weeks. I’ve known James for about a decade now and have been a big fan of his for even longer, so it was an absolute joy to get a chance to interview him, though we both wished it were under different circumstances. James was among the first people in my network warning and informing people about the oncoming pandemic, as far back as mid-February. He lets us know just why he was alarmed before most of us, and how he’s dealing with the current reality. Part of that has to do with severe asthma, which stems from a near-death experience, an astonishing tale from James! Of course, he speaks about his joining TAB and his tremendous trajectory with that ensemble.  why he admires and envies Trey, and a little bit about his own music, too. Thanks to James Casey!


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SHIRA ELIAS intro at 57min

SHIRA ELIAS of TURKUAZ, who was a fantastic interview on Episode 013 of this podcast, jumps on the phone from the desert in Arizona. Shira tells the story of relocating her whole life from NYC to Los Angeles while the virus was taking hold in the US. She takes us through journeying cross-country, then retreating to the desert for some peace and space. We get the scoop on her forthcoming EP/project Shira Elias’ Goods & Services, and the debut single “Burnin’” that drops Friday 4/10. Shira reflects on Turkuaz “None’s A Ton” concert film, and why this downtime, though difficult, has been good for her in a number of ways. The Upful LIFE Podcast ADORES Shira Elias!


THE Return of J.A. – intro at 1hr 17min

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FINALLY. Jason Abrams has come BACK to The Upful LIFE Podcast. What a heart-filling chat with my boy back in Philly. A music-culture encyclopedia/philosopher, pro wrasslin’ authority, Delaware Valley noted Phishtorian, J.A. is the most loyal and hilarious friend anyone could ever be blessed enough to have. After over a year since his last appearance, Jason comes back to the show to discuss what’s goin’ on right now in Philly, The Phish from VT: Island Tour revisited & Sigma Oasis, plus the music business and pro-wrasslin’s future in a post-COVID entertainment industry climate. Great personal story from J.A to close out his long-awaited re-emergence.


Vibe Junkie JAM of the Week

Break Science “Once In A While” (acoustic)

This phenomenal rework of their Seven Bridges classic is preceded by an emotional, personal anecdote from yours truly. If you make it to the end of this podcast, once in a while you’re rewarded with something very special from the inner sanctums of my heart. Thanks to Borahm Lee & Adam Deitch. Yes, Indeedy!



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Theme Song: Mazel Tov by CALVIN VALENTINE