Upful LIFE is a vanguard for what’s next and salutation to what’s classic. Upful LIFE editorial celebrates the soundtrack and lifestyles that define who we are, cross-pollinating genres, cliques and demographics betwixt informed opinion. Upful LIFE seeks not to be the final word, but rather an initiator of on-going progression.

Upful LIFE itself is an open-access e-periodical; a platform for interdisciplinary scholarship on the kaleidoscopic terrain of music cultures worldwide. Launched on the principles that:
• What is occurring underneath the shell and beyond the range of conventional music media outlets shall be embraced, celebrated and passed along in filial tradition;
• Simultaneously, our content will focus on music in historical and contemporary perspectives; sonic antiquities and social advancements laid down by the forefathers of dope evolutionary music over the last half-century;
• To provide a culture magazine that primarily focuses on music with the objective of allowing readers to identify with forms of holistic, genuine self-expression through the Arts.
• To do so with passion, respect, righteousness, integrity and excitement…and have a little fun while we’re at it!

Upful LIFE is a web magazine of B.Getz‘s features, promos, and so much more. A place where you’ll find extensive content reporting the breadth of our culture—from daily social media updates, exclusive feature spreads & interviews, photo-journals, live event coverage, to videos,  podcasts and mixtapes. The digital periodical is a blueprint that’s constantly being developed and enhanced, and this magazine stands at the forefront of the advancement of this medium.