*Customized Music Culture Marketing Solutions*

Getting a grip on the marketing aspects of promoting your music will stack the deck in your favor. And when it comes to grabbing the attention of the many new ears that will hear your music, spending at least some energy on creative promotional techniques will speed the process along. Then you'll be able to spend more time making great music and less time rolling the dice and hoping a crowd shows up or that somebody will buy your record.

Attention-getting tactics don't have to be complicated or expensive. You just have to think beyond simply pinning up fliers and letting some of your friends know about your gigs. Also, please realize that no one promotional effort is going to work miracles. Low-budget, grass-roots music-marketing can be effective, but you have to approach it as a long-term, ongoing activity—not a one-shot deal.

Music marketing is a lot like multi-track recording. Each layer you put down adds to the ones already created. That's why you'll need to develop and deploy an ongoing series of promotional assaults—each one reaching more people, making them more familiar with your name, image and sound.

Independent music promotion has been proven a successful path for artists to take. Let the cagey veteran collective at THE UPFUL LIFE- aka The SQUADRON, help you get the people out to the shows, to the festivals, and drive the traffic & interest to your website thru our motto of mediums traditional & modern.

We are available to assist in a variety of markets, cities, and college towns across the U.S. We are happy to customize packages for each interest.

Client lists & references available upon request.



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