The Upful LIFE Podcast. episode 001 – MICHELANGELO CARUBBA of TURKUAZ


Pilot episode of The Upful LIFE Podcast, hosted/curated by B.Getz, a music-culture reporter and historian. We’re lucky to have our first guest TURKUAZ drummer MICHELANGELO CARUBBA for a long-form sitdown, which took place during High Sierra in NorCal back in early July. (The early part of the interview takes place while a band is playing nearby, please excuse the background blues; we eventually relocated to a quasi-suitable quarters for the majority of the convo.). Mikey talks ‘Kuazology, their live album 040717, Denny Laine and playing with heroes, his lifelong connection to Tower of Power drummer David Garibaldi. After the music nuggets, Mikey takes a turn for the serious, heartfelt, and inspiring, no-holds-barred recounting the circumstances that led to his sobriety, We spend time detailing his budding relationship with a Vermont-based singer/songwriter. Turkuaz is slated to drop Live in the City, a brand new studio LP, on September 28th.

Mikey photos courtesy of Hayley Jane
Noted Delaware Valley Phishtorian J.A.

The episode’s second half features a spirited segment with J.A., one of the host’s lifelong friends going back three decades. J.A. and B.Getz first met in the press box at a KISS show on the Hot in the Shade Tour in 1989. Turns out they both went to Bret Harte Elementary School in Cherry Hill, NJ, and have been best buddies ever since. J.A. is an authority on everything from glam metal to pro wrasslin’, as well as Springsteen and The Rolling Stones. Jason is a noted Delaware Valley Phishtorian, so for this first segment, the old friends get on the phone to chop it up about the state of the union and all things The Phish from VT.

A Note From the Host

This is a project that’s obviously in it’s infancy, and we are learning as we go here. As such, we appreciate your patience as we figure it the f*ck out. Grateful for the relationships that have facilitated this project from an embryonic idea to this here pilot episode, thank you to everybody who has played a part in getting The Upful LIFE Podcast off the ground. Hopefully, as we get a better grip and grasp on what we are doing, in terms of sound quality, interview structure, and production, we will further streamline the process and enhance the finished product. But humbly, I must say, we are very proud of this promising new beginning. 

Large Up for your love & unwavering support; trust it does not go unnoticed! 

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