Random Rab Takes Listeners All the Way To The “Formless Edge”- B.Getz Interview on L4LM

A luminary of the West Coast’s psychedelic-bass music diaspora, Random Rab rises to occasion with Formless Edge, his eleventh full-length solo opus released Friday, June 16. As a headliner at festivals around the world, Rab has become more than just a DJ or producer, evolving into an ephemeral wizard whose legendary sunrise/sunset adventures have become festival culture rites of passage. Formless Edge is a journey through life, with 15 songs that unveil an ever-evolving kaleidoscope of styles, each embedded with his idiosyncratic codings and vintage visceral vibration.

Amid the minimalist programming and trademark electro Rab flourishes on Formless Edge, one will hear the fruits of Rab’s laborious, inventive experimentalism, merging the organic and the electronic. He incorporates over 30 unique instruments and features collaborations with Lapa, Rigzin, Kyrstyn Pixton, Jason Kalidas, and Peia.  Live For Live Music‘s B.Getz has written extensively about Random Rab for some years, and was fortunate enough to run down the mercurial “sommelier of sacred” for a comprehensive Q&A. The man born Rab Clinton was kind enough to open the doors and take us inside his heart, mind, soul and memory in sharing the creative and recording processes on his new album Formless Edge.

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