The good people over at the new Pontiac Grille on South Street have decided enough is enough and it’s time for a change. The music scene here in Philly has been dormant for too long, and if “Jersey” Dan Levine has any say, shit is gonna change.

New York City’s RANA is in the midst of a residency at the Pontiac each Wednesday evening during the month of January. Their raging rock antics will certainly be on display, and the blue-collar ethos of Philly is the perfect home for such sonic bombast. Drum and bass merchants Moonraker will be supporting.

The Big Apple’s other shining stars, organ and drum kings Marco Benevento and Joe Russo, will be playing each Thursday night at the Pontiac. Their unique sound has carved a niche all their own, and their dynamic interplay recalls jazz legends of yesterday. A host of supporting acts will lend a hand, most notably the Sam Kininger Band. This residency has three more nights left.Hopefully, these residencies will be only the beginning of a resurrection. The Philly scene needs some air, some new life, and I can think of no better way to start off the revolution than with RANA and the Duo. If they can conquer the capital of the earth, then what’s a cold, blustery football town, right?

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[Published on: 1/21/04]