*KUNG-FUshuts down! *Brooklyn Bowl* (violence/adult themes) 

               Full Autopsy Within this Report. Proceed with Caution.

Download links and matrix lineage found here: http://archive.org/details/KungFu2012-04-30.Matrix

Photography from April 9, 2012 - LAUREN ENZLAH- courtesy of *FEZ FEST Media*

Full Show-VIDEO beneath the LENZLAH Photo spread!

 FULL VIDEO- Kung-FU & Pals. @ BK Bowl. Week 4. 90min of Fu!!


Kung Fu in Brooklyn, NY- April 30. 2012
relive the madness- audio and video- click the link here!

Special Thanks to *Brotherly Love Productions, SKYLINE (Patrick May), FEZFest Media*