Wishing a Happy 70th Birthday to *JEROME J. GARCIA*

    The UPFUL Life & Times  Proudly Pays Homage to the Granddaddy of Us All!

Please enjoy this treasure trove of all things Garcia, on this what would be his 70th born day!! Included are a variety of photographs, a eulogy to Jerry from an old friend, and handfuls of FULL SHOW videos unearthed by a sea of evolving Deadheads. Followed by the traditional Hunter-penned eulogy that tugs at the heart as strongly today as it ever has.  

Personally, I was seventeen years young when Garcia left his earthly self, but I was lucky enough to experience the GD a handful of times (and Garcia Band *once*); I firmly state that no other artist, or living human being (outside of my parents), has more touched my life. For it is Garcia that has most 'shown me the way'. I would not be who I am today had I not been indoctrinated into the Grateful Dead 'extended Family' at the fertile, adventurous, and vulnerable stage of thirteen year old adolescence. Four years later, I took his death hard; I'd once looked down my elitist nose at those kids in High School who mourned Kurt Cobain's death so loudly, proudly, & publicly. As if he were their own. Yet here I was, pot meeting a blackened kettle during an August heat wave. Ahhh... Even in death, Garcia was teaching a lesson; scolding me from the Heavens. And he continues to teach me, teach US! - through song & emotion, through melody and mystery, and through either Bob Dylan or  Hunter's robust tales of a troubadour, songs that only Garcia can deliver with that utmost supple, subtle, satiable , Spirituality. He continues to sing, and We continue to dance. But I will always come back to those moments; of just me & him, in a football stadium, or a hockey arena, for on those nights when he spoke directly to me- like only he could- the reverberations and vibrations would set my internal compass aboard a lifelong Northbound train.

Despite his incredible void, PHIL, BOBBY, MICKEY, & BILLY are all keeping the vibe alive in their own respective and most importantly, honorable fashions.  With life's loving tragedies of loss & surrender, 'Tis a wonder what we STILL have after ALL THESE YEARS; as a whole. OUR GD community is surprisingly as alive & vibrant as it has *ever* been in the seventeen years since he left us. Today, Garcia would be mammoth proud of us, for beating it on even FURTHUR down the line ! Yet whilst he walks alone, on those Muddy River banks, singing those songs we all have known; I'm pacing along, on the River's other side,  listening for Lessons, and love songs, still learning to fly on my own.

To Garcia, With Love


special thanks to Blair Jackson, Robert Hunter, BOB MINKIN, 'voodoonola', Dr. Bruce Sutton, MD for their contributions.

VIDEOS- Full Shows

Grateful Dead 8-4-76 Roosevelt Stadium Jersey City NJ

Grateful Dead 11-24-78 Capitol Theater Passaic NJ

Grateful Dead 3-28-81 Rockpalast Festival Grugahalle Essen Germany

Grateful Dead 10-12-89 Meadowlands Arena East Rutherford NJ

Grateful Dead 8-27-72 Veneta OR Old Renaissance Faire Grounds

Grateful Dead Radio City Music Hall 10/31/1980

Grateful Dead 4-12-78 Cameron Indoor Stadium Durham NC

GRATEFUL DEAD Pittsburgh Three Rivers Stadium 7/8/90

Jerry Garcia Band - Hartford CT - 9.5.89

Jerry Garcia Band - Capitol Theatre Passaic NJ – 3-1-80

Jerry Garcia Band - 11.13.91 - FULL SHOW

Garcia & Weir on David Letterman- 1987 Garcia’s last interview- Spring 1995

Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter's 1995 eulogy to Jerry Garcia

Jerry, my friend,

you've done it again,

even in your silence

the familiar pressure

comes to bear, demanding

I pull words from the air

with only this morning

and part of the afternoon

to compose an ode worthy

of one so particular

about every turn of phrase,

demanding it hit home

in a thousand ways

before making it his own,

and this I can't do alone.

Now that the singer is gone,

where shall I go for the song?

Without your melody and taste

to lend an attitude of grace

a lyric is an orphan thing,

a hive with neither honey's taste

nor power to truly sting.

What choice have I but to dare and

call your muse who thought to rest

out of the thin blue air

that out of the field of shared time,

a line or two might chance to shine --

As ever when we called,

in hope if not in words,

the muse descends.

How should she desert us now?

Scars of battle on her brow,

bedraggled feathers on her wings,

and yet she sings, she sings!

May she bear thee to thy rest,

the ancient bower of flowers

beyond the solitude of days,

the tyranny of hours--

the wreath of shining laurel lie

upon your shaggy head

bestowing power to play the lyre

to legions of the dead

If some part of that music

is heard in deepest dream,

or on some breeze of Summer

a snatch of golden theme,

we'll know you live inside us

with love that never parts

our good old Jack O'Diamonds

become the King of Hearts.

I feel your silent laughter

at sentiments so bold

that dare to step across the line

to tell what must be told,

so I'll just say I love you,

which I never said before

and let it go at that old friend

the rest you may ignore.


Robert Hunter-

as read at Garcia's funeral- 1995