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The UPFUL Life & Times is independently owned and operated. 

~TEAM upfulLIFE~

SCOTT T. HOROWITZ- Managing Editor, Consigliere, Right Hand Man

MARK B. LEVIN- Minister of Disinformation/ Guerilla Publicity - FEZFest MEDIA, Inc.

Erica Bernal - Promotion/Tastemaker- Brings the superbright vibrations to the squad!

JON PRINS - Managing Editor/Photographer- The Man Who Treks the Front Range & Beyond

Jillian Ashley - Associate- PROMOTION/Art- What's Hot & What's Not- Jillian picks up whats puttin down! 

Lauren Ensler- Photographer- Enzlah shoots the grooves and moves that we all make happen!

BRONZE JOHNSON (jeff artist) - Contributor- Proud to have such esteemed writing on board.

Dylan Cain, Mike Mazza, Natasha Emile, Adrian Padron, K.O.D. & more make up -upfulLIFE-The SQUADRON